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The Sophia Circle Journey® is a 13-session online group experience

walking through Divine Feminine codex "The Sophia Code" by Kaia Ra.

This life-changing, transformational experience is

expertly curated to support and deepen your journey

through the codex whether it is your first time reading

or you have initiated yourself many times.

Commit to showing up.

This program is 100% LIVE. You're creating your life,

and that requires you to be fully present.

To maintain the integrity of the quantum container and

to protect the energy of the group, all ceremonies

are live and will not be recorded.

Expect to foster connections, witness miracles,
and experience complete transformation. 


           This circle is for you if:


  • You are an emissary of Light, way-shower, miracle maker...

  • You feel that you are a LEADER in co-creating a Golden Age of Miracles               and Heaven on Earth

  • You are ready to discover, amplify and reveal who you REALLY are

  • You have an inner knowing that you are destined for greatness

  • You desire a radical transformation in your life and for the planet

  • You desire tools and mentorship for creating and LIVING fully in that                    reality

  • You are eager to join an evolutionary community and deeply connect                   with soul family

The Sophia Code® is a channeled sacred text that guides you

through the activation and integration of your divine genome

and sovereign embodiment.

Especially potent and pertinent in this time of worldwide upheaval

and radical changes, this ever-relevant codex supports you to

find solid ground and stability within yourself while

revolutionizing your perspective of reality.

Join Now!

(Space is limited to keep an intimate container)


Have questions?
Schedule a free 30 minute conversation to see if we are a good fit for working together
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About Your Facilitator:

Aeiya Joy (3).png
Aeiya Ra

My journey and transformation with

The Sophia Code® began August 2016 -

and includes:

  • Stargate 1 (Foundational Curriculum)

  • Stargate 2 (Elegant Equations)
    Hawaii + Sedona Conferences (VIP) 2018

  • Sophia Circle Leadership certification

       Sedona Conference 2019 + 2020 (VIP)

  • Transforming Trauma into Soul Power™

I have traveled to sacred sites worldwide,

experienced profound initiations and

dark nights of the soul.

I've been guided to face my fears and suffering while integrating higher levels of joy and  bliss. 

As I reclaimed lost fragments of my soul across space and time, I was given a new name as a prayer for my Self and all of humanity.

Aeiya has experienced:

  • accelerated growth, healing &                   confidence

  • increased faith, trust and clear,                      intuitive guidance

  • reclaiming my power, sovereignty and          ALIGNMENT

  • radical shifts in all my relationships             (with others, Sophia, Gaia, and                 my SELF)

  • being seen in my Truth, authenticity            and in service to humanity's                  ascension

  • MIRACLES in finances, paradigm                  shifts, and opportunities

  • an INCREDIBLE, supportive community of Lightworkers and people dedicated to anchoring Heaven on Earth

"I highly recommend the Sophia Code® and a Sophia Circle Journey®
to anyone ready to expand beyond perceived limitations in an quantum container
of loving, powerful, like-minded humans!"

Enrolling Now for our next circle:


Miracles : a Sophia Circle Journey®

with Aeiya Joy


Wednesdays 5-7pm PST/8-10pm EST

Early August 2021

Note: All sessions are LIVE and will not be recorded!



a link will be emailed to for each class



one-time payment


2 payments of


3 payments of


Self-Love Special:

save $63

one-time payment of


when enrolled before June 30th


Early Bird Discount:

save $30

one-time payment of


when enrolled before July 28th

Have questions?
Schedule a free 30 minute conversation to see if we are a good fit for working together
Ready to Join?
Fill out the pre-application linked below to get started on the journey!

"When I attended the HeartSong Sophia Circle, I was surprised at the difference experiencing The Sophia Code® within a dedicated spiritual container made in my understanding of the material.

Not only did I receive blessings from the creation and intention of the container, I also received blessings from hearing others in the groups share their experiences with the material. And of course, I benefited greatly from reflecting on and speaking of my own experiences as I read that week's portion of The Sophia Code.

I am attending the next Sophia Circle with Aeiya Joy. She is a remarkable leader and facilitator, and I love and appreciate her. Aeiya Joy has remarkable spiritual gifts and insights, and I highly recommend connecting with her for Sophia Circles and any other offerings she makes."



"Aeiya is a radiant, embodied light being who uplifts everyone around her with her natural spirit, wonder, and deep connection (to herself, to Spirit, and to her audience/clients). I’ve had several wildly profound healing experiences hosting retreats and workshops with Aeiya. She is the REAL DEAL. If you feel drawn to work with her, don’t wait!"


"This Sophia Dragon Ride journey with Aeiya has been all that I could ask for and more.  I can feel the power of the presence of our circle working magick in my spiritual life.  This trickles down into the material before my very eyes.  Blessed am I and are we by the wholeness of Sophia being known by us.  Thank you, Aeiya!"


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