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40 Days to a Miracle - Day 2: Help!

Updated: Jan 21

Have you ever been so upset, frustrated or just in a pickle that you didn’t know what to do to get yourself out of the pit and back on the path?

I have had plenty of these despairing moments along my journey - some of them have lasted much longer than just a moment, too. Something I’ve learned along the way is that there’s always a way out, even if it doesn’t look like it and even if I feel like I could never deserve it.

The Sophia Code teaches us that no matter what seems to be going on in our external reality, we have the power within us to create something new with our words. Thankfully, there are many mentors and guides along the way who are willing and able to help us pick ourselves back up and brush off the true power within us that we have conveniently forgotten is available for use.

Green Tara is one such mentor who has been a major help in my dragon ride experience of a lifetime. She tells us in her chapter that all we need do is say ‘Help’ and she is right there, ready to direct us back to the truth of the power within us. Isn’t it such a blessing that a being so powerful that she is considered the Mother of all Buddhas is willing to be that mirror for us?

Thank you, Sophia, for creating us in your image and likeness as creators!

Thank you, Sophia, for allowing there to be guides and mentors along this journey who are so willing and able to reflect back to us our true power and purpose!

So, this one-word prayer-mantra ‘Help’ is a very useful tool to have in one’s back pocket for those emergencies of the soul when no other words will come to mind. Knowing that this simple little prayer once spoken has the power to usher in high-caliber ascended master mentorship support instantaneously encourages me to stay a little more focused on my mission for this lifetime.

The power of this prayer to direct our attention back to the Light of Sophia shining deep within us also helps to anchor in the truth that we are sovereign beings here on this planet to shine bright and lead the way into this next Golden Age of Miracles. Is this our first miracle? We GET TO shed the skins of our suffering and take up the mantle of Sophia Christ consciousness to bring Heaven ever closer to Earth through our own beautiful bodies! Woo-hoo!

And, it’s okay if you need a little extra help getting there. Time is also on our side. So please take care of yourself and SUBSCRIBE for a little more inspiration your way. You can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook to join me for this #40daystoamiracle challenge through the end of February.

May all the help you need shine through for you today and always, dear one.

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