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40 Days to a Miracle - Day 1: Surrender

On this day, I recognize and acknowledge that my life is not my own. This journey has been a process of slowly surrendering more and more of my decision making process to the Light of my Soul, my Higher Self and Sophia Christ consciousness moving through me. From the outside, it may look like baby step after baby step - maybe totally insignificant to most onlookers. Sometimes, however, on the inside, the tiniest seeming little step is the grandest leap of faith.

As I stand on the edge of the cliff and look down into the water of the new reality I desire to miraculously manifest myself into, I realize the only thing between where I currently stand and that reality is a leap of faith. I have to take action! I can’t just say - “Hey God! Make a miracle happen, please!” and go on my way, continuing to do all the same things that have gotten me to the point where I stand on the cliff.

No, I also have a job to do.

Yes, I must acknowledge that the only way a miracle can happen is for me to surrender all my attachments to everything in existence that has gotten me to this place - as well as any expectations or attachments to outcome. I must acknowledge that only a Higher power can get me out of whatever mess I’m in and into the life that I truly believe I came here to live.

So, I CHOOSE to align my will with Sophia’s will for the highest possible outcome. And I choose to follow the guidance and action steps that this alignment guides me towards, in faith and trust that each step I take brings me closer to the true goal of union with the divinity within me and a full anchoring of my sovereignty and Heaven on Earth.

I surrender into the unknown of Sophia Christ consciousness moving through me and into the world, far beyond the places and spaces I can reach on my own. I surrender into the gratitude that this Higher power is gracious, kind and loving and wants what’s best for me - and for all of creation. I surrender into the knowing that I am placing my trust and my will to take action on the most solid foundation, on the horse that is bound to be successful. I surrender and commit to do whatever it takes to live a life of miracles, one blessed and guided step at a time.

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Blessings your way, dear one.

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