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Aeiya Joy

@ G-Fest

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Join Aeiya Joy at G-Fest this

July 22-26th 2021.


Aeiya is honored to share sacred space at Mount Shasta for this intimate medicine women's gathering.


Aeiya will offer two workshops: 

Shamanic Shaking:

Techniques of Ecstacy

Drawing from solo and group improvisation techniques, somatic practices, rhythmic cultural and ritual expressions and energy healing modalities such as QiGong, this class challenges assumptions about what is possible with bodies moving together in space and time.

We will discover ways of moving that expand our ability to move energy inside and out, to be more aware of the space and bodies around us and to find pathways to ecstatic expression for ourselves and the collective presence.

Singing the Crystal:

Aeiya Joy bathes the listener in sonic frequencies intended to simultaneously nourish and activate the heart center. Using crystal bowls and her voice, she creates a space in which your body can open and receive empowerments on all levels of your being with grace and ease.