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Aeiya RA

Aeiya RA is an Ascension Midwife, Liberatrix, Sophia Circle Facilitator, Sacred Songstress and Movement Mage.  Immersed in the ceremonial arts for lifetimes, she has a passion for creating space for transformation and loves to transcend the boundaries of space and time into quantum healing and miracles (def: a radical, instantaneous shift in perception). A carrier of deep wisdom and insight, she leads and guides others on an accelerated path towards claiming their personal power and unleashing all of its unique, embodied expressions.

Aeiya’s physical body has been her primary teacher through a lifetime of injuries and pressures to perform. A deep dive into the world of Contact Improvisation beginning in 2010 introduced her to the place where spirit/space/breath meets body/form/earth and her path towards healing and embodied liberation truly began.  Aerial therapeutics, ritual immersions, ceremonial magick, music and movement have been her passions and intersections.  

She is a missionary - often called to sacred vortices and earth chakras to make prayers and offerings for our people and this glorious planet we are blessed to incarnate upon.


as a Liberatrix:

I call you into the highest expression of who you REALLY ARE - I compassionately help you discover and uncover the blocks, resistances and constrictions in your body and energy field and help you fine tune your truest alignment with the flow of Source within you. 


as an ascension midwife:

I help you birth your new Self into Being - guiding you from conception, gestation and the glorious birth process.


as a Sophia Circle Facilitator:

I create sacred space for your journey through this transformational codex


as a sacred songstress and movement mage:

I channel the bliss frequencies of Sophia Gaia into sound and motion, stirring up the Spirit within to rise up and be free.  I call you into the fullest, most authentic expression of your joy, passion and purpose with creativity, harmonic frequencies, energy cultivation practices, movement magick and community.

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dragon, violet flame, merkabah

Uniting Spirit & Form

dragon: points to the Light Body technology encoded in our DNA, designed to anchor the sovereignty and invincibility of our Higher Self and multidimensional creatrix power.


bodhi: (Sanskrit, Påli) “awakening”, “enlightenment”; when pronounced as  “body”, this brings enlightenment into physical form



 - is a sanctuary space for miraculous transformation

- is an embodiment practice and healing modality to assist your physical expansion, to create more space in your physical body and to help you claim your true worth and power

- is an initiate who has activated their dragon-bodhi technology within and cultivates a practice towards embodied ascension


ascension: the process of uniting the fullness of
Spirit with physical form

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“It’s not what you look at that matters,

it’s what you see”

Henry David Thoreau

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